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Ormos Valtou, Greece

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The Dalmatian Coast, Part 1

In July 2021, we explore the Dalmation coast near Dubrovnik.

Kaya Reboot - Bari, Italy

After 1.5 years apart from S/V Kaya, we head back to Italy to pick her up.

How it all began

Remembering my dad's love for the ocean on his birthday.

Corsica Part 2

In July 2019 we face more challenging weather but still manage to get a nice week of sailing around the Tuscan islands of Capraia and Elba.

Corsica Part 1

We arrive in Corsica in June 2019, which has been a target destination for months.


Twiggy's new life on board S/V Kaya.

Gibraltar to Cartagena: Without Adult Supervision

From Gibraltar onwards in May 2019, we started sailing without adult supervision - building confidence as we gained miles sailing down the coast.

Working out on a Boat

Stay healthy while living in confined spaces. Welcome to our first-ever guest post by personal trainer Ling Quek.

Tail of the First Fish: From the Algarve to Gibraltar

Catching our first fish sailing along the coast at Cabo de São Vicente.

Setting Sail - Galicia to Lisboa

There was a moment from Porto to Lisbon when I questioned if we had made the right choice. It was our first night sail, and 5 hours in, my stomach started to feel queasy.

Getting Ship Shape

Our first months on board S/V Kaya in La Rochelle on the west coast of France.

Hello Kaya!

We left New York and moved on our new sailboat.

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