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Sailing blog of Tobi & Sha-Mayn

Santa Ponsa, Majorca, Spain


I previously led software engineering teams at Google and startups and love using my tech skills for social good. Living on S/V Kaya is my long-time dream.

My posts

The Dalmatian Coast, Part 1

In July 2021, we explore the Dalmation coast near Dubrovnik.

Kaya Reboot - Bari, Italy

After 1.5 years apart from S/V Kaya, we head back to Italy to pick her up.

How it all began

Remembering my dad's love for the ocean on his birthday.

Gibraltar to Cartagena: Without Adult Supervision

From Gibraltar onwards in May 2019, we started sailing without adult supervision - building confidence as we gained miles sailing down the coast.

Setting Sail - Galicia to Lisboa

There was a moment from Porto to Lisbon when I questioned if we had made the right choice. It was our first night sail, and 5 hours in, my stomach started to feel queasy.

Hello Kaya!

We left New York and moved on our new sailboat.

My recipes

Miso Eggplant

Quick and delicious miso eggplant.

Freestyle Kimchi

Making Kimchi on a boat is easier than you think!